Le Tote: Rented Fashion

Le Tote Review 2019

Hello beautiful people!

After being taunted by the junk email elves, I finally got the opportunity to try a LeTote box for free. That's right...I said for free! My patience for acquiring the best coupon code finally paid off with a free trial. I had aspirations of sharing a detailed day by day review of my experience but my procrastination would not allow me to be great. Thankfully, my iPhone notified me that I was out of space and....here I am...sharing my experience (and unloading, of course).

Le Tote Accessories

LeTote swap

LeTote is a clothing subscription service that allows you to rent clothing and accessories with the option of purchasing. The purchase prices are much higher in comparison thru a google search especially since most of these items would be already used. Five items were provided per box but additional items can be added for a fee; I opted out of course. I figured that I would just return the box, multiple times, to try out more items without losing my coins. The packaging is provided and shipping is free both ways.

Le Tote Packaging

Style recommendations are also provided based on a simple quiz which includes the option to add your size, weight, and height. I wasn't in love with everything piece so I chose to switch some of them out for items.

Le Tote Customer Reviews

I found comfort in browsing their slightly limited collection. I was able to sort by the occasion, weather and other usual categories. Their browsing section definitely isn't your normal ASOS catwalk but, it's decent in comparison. Most pieces were displayed in various views with customer reviews and photos. 

Le Tote Size chart

Le Tote photos and reviews

With the help of the LeTote community, I settled on items that work with my current wardrobe.

Mustard Cardigan

There's something about the color mustard that works on my skin tone. I liked this sweater but would have preferred a longer more oversized fit.

Juicy Jean Midi Skirt

Juicy Midi Skirt

Midi Jean Skirt
This was my first try at a Juicy Couture item; something about it gave me 90's nostalgia. I really enjoyed this skirt. It's midi but a more casual fit. The back pocket placement is a bit interesting but the idea was nice. 

BCBG Black Midi Dress

BCBG Black Midi Dress
This dress has more of a flexible fit, unlike the bandage fit that I was expecting. 
I would suggest sizing down for a better fit.

Studio 33 purse

Noir Luxe bracelet

Noir Luxe bracelet

The last two items were accessories. They were in excellent condition without any signs of wear. The purse was butter soft but lacked a secure method of closure. 
The bracelet was my favorite piece out of the order.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience using this company. I would consider using it again during another discounted period or sale. I would consider trying to receive as many boxes as possible during your month. Otherwise, the price wouldn't be worth it, in my opinion. I think renting clothing is a more sustainable idea to incorporate trends into your wardrobe without fully indulging into the fast fashion.  It's a great option, can't wait to try more.