Bullet Journal or Planner?

Happy New Year beautiful people! Understanding that my birthday and New Year’s fall within the same week, this new beginning can be a big deal for me. For some reason, the change in the calendar year and the addition of a year on my age pushes me to make changes in my life. Last year I purchased a planner and worked on a vision board in hopes of accomplishing all of my goals. Unfortunately, I fell short of a few goals but 2018 was a more productive year in comparison to some previous years.

Planner vs Bullet Journal

In preparation for a fresh start, I’ve removed the clippings from my vision board and purchased a new planner and a bullet journal. I’m sure having two types of organizational notebooks is a bit overkill, but I couldn’t decide which one to get….hence this blog post J

It seems that bullet journals have been all of the craze in the last few years. This notebook allows for a more creative method of planning your life. Through these blank pages, people are able to build a system for themselves from the ground up. With this system, you are able to create a random list, add brain dumps, document goals, scrapbook and create trackers and schedules. Your schedules can range from monthly, to daily and/ or hourly. If you foresee a busy day ahead, you can reserve a page for just that day. If you find that a particular week will be slower, you can condense the week to a page…it’s all up to you.

 Pink Bullet Journal Template

 Minimal Bullet Journal Template
 Pink and Black Bullet Journal

As intrigued as I am about this method of organization, I fear that I am not as artistic as others and that my time could be focused on creating a perfect system instead of crushing goals. I enjoy perfection and clean lines. I feel like my push for perfection may delay my achievements. In the past, I’ve been more comfortable with the layout provided in planners. Although the creativity may be a tad bit suppressed, some of the essentials of the bullet journal can also be found in a planner. The provided monthly overviews are great for planning in advance, leaving liberty to add things as you need. Some planners have weekly overviews for more time sensitive needs. Planners come in all sizes with all types of formats. I recently learned about the “Happy Planner” which allows you to add pages and take them away. It seems to be a fun middle ground between a bullet journal and a planner.  Although I have the urged to return the items that I've purchased to get a happy planner, I've decided to stick with what I have. 

 How to start a Planner

Colorful Planner Setup

Some of these photos have been used as inspiration. Please click on the hyperlinked photos to visit these talented people. 

Do you have a planner? Which method do you prefer?


  1. I prefer diaries and planners. But I think you should go for whichever option allows you to be the most productive. I love journals and the idea of them but I know, just like you said, that I'll probably end up spending more time being creative than crushing goals haha.
    All the best with your decision.

    Mich X

    1. Thanks Michelle. Darn, you added another option to my list lol. I used to write in a diary, maybe I'll implement a reflection like that in my choice. Thank you!

  2. I used to have one. I can really see that I should have one. I'm definitely going to get one. Another goal for 2019 but you've inspired me to actually try to keep this goal. My husband does lists (for the day...the weekend...nothing long-term) and I've always made fun of his lists, but I know he feels great satisfaction when he can cross the items off one at a time and there's definitely something in that.

    Ruth Josey

    1. Hi Ruth! There's something so pleasing about checking something off a list lol. Thank you

  3. I had these in highschool and it really helped keeping up with my schedule, but after that, I'm way to disorganised to make them work. Now I stick to notebooks to put down whatever I find the most memorable.



    1. Notebooks are an excellent idea too, whatever works for you is best. We all have different methods. Happy New Year :-)

  4. Love this idea of bullet journaling! I'm not super creative as well but love the looks of these.


  5. I haven't done journaling again but I remember I used to! Now I put everything on my phone just because it's much more convenient but tbh after looking at your post I feel like grabbing my pens and books!


  6. I'm not creative enough for a bullet journal but I love the planner idea! We have a big wall calendar in the kitchen I use to plan everything out, appointments for the kids and things. It's nice to have a glance and see what the week ahead has in store! :)

    Hope that the first week of 2019 is off to a great start for you and you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Hey hon, happy new year! I tend to gravitate towards diaries and use Trello for work...as it's a new year I may think of other ways to keep myself in check(:

  8. Oh very interesting I prefer a journal
    Thanks for your post

  9. I love planners but honestly I'm horrible at both lol.

    || The Neon Factor, by Diana 🦄 ||

  10. This is the most organized planner I have ever seen!