Asos Haul 2019

Asos Flat lay

I give up! I give up on trying to create a capsule wardrobe with items that I’m not in love with. Gone are the days where I could walk into any mall and find the exact piece to complete an outfit. My friends have suggested multiple online clothing stores, but I cringe at the thought of paying shipping to get the items to me and to return the items back. You see, I can be hard to please. 

I work hard for my money, and I’m particular on how I spend it. I enjoy trying clothes on in multiple sizes, feeling the quality and hitting a dance move or two to test the flexibility and comfort. Let’s not forget about the instant gratification! I can walk into Target, give them my coins and walk out with a bag or two…maybe 10 (kidding).

So here I am today informing you that I got some new clothes but most of them are going back (lol). With all that being said, I am on a hunt for affordable clothes that are of great quality from stores that have free shipping and returns. Is this too much to ask for? I have a list of sites that I would like to share with you but in the meantime let’s begin with the tried and true: ASOS.

“As seen on Screen,” ASOS caught my attention years ago with their short video clips of their models modeling each garment. Their website features a clean design, easy navigation, and a clear size chart. The prices on this site vary as well as the item quality. 

Shipping …. well …. Shipping was decent. I signed up for their “Premier Delivery” which is far from the free shipping and returns that I was looking for but, this service is reasonable. I paid $20 to receive free 2-day shipping and returns for a year. The shipping actually took 4 days, 7 days if you include me missing the DHL delivery on a Friday not knowing that they were closed during weekends.

Only cable knit sweater with shoulder detail

I purchased this oversized sweater with the intentions on wearing a monochromatic look with a pair of snake print booties from Neiman Marcus last call. I like the sweater, but I think I sized up a little too much. If I didn't like in Florida, I would layer a top underneath for added warmth.

ASOS DESIGN Sculpt me high waisted premium jeans in dark wash blue

I’m going to try to exchange these jeans for a smaller size. They are perfectly high waisted and stretchy but they gap in the back. 

 The accessories for this look aren't from ASOS. Instead, I'm bought them from various stores on clearance. Unfortunately, I was not able to find this Forever 21 bucket bag but I've linked a similar bag from ASOS below. 

Black Bucket Bag

I'll return soon with another post sharing the remaining items that I purchased. Feel free to leave any suggestions below that could assist one on my journey to a functioning wardrobe. :-)

Nancy Ugo


  1. I love the bag and the color of the sweater. Those boots really spice up the look.

    Ngumabi xxo | ngumabisglam.blogspot.com

  2. Hey Nancy, my eyes are transfixed on your animal print boots - very rock n roll and great way to edge up an outfit! Have a lovely week ahead ( :


  3. I'm obsessed with animal print this season. Thank you<3

  4. Aww, I love ASOS. It's my go-to online store but it's different here in the UK. I have free next-day delivery for a year which is why I always shop there lol.

    I love the jumper on you and that bag is so cute.

    Mich X

    1. Awh! That must be nice to have fast shipping from ASOS. Thank you

  5. Love your haul! Those boots are spectacular!


  6. Those boots are stunning! Love the jumper and the bag too :)


    1. Thank you! I'm really enjoying the animal print trend.

  7. love those animal print boots!