Steaming my 4c hair

4c afro

As most of you know, I am a natural and if you were to place me in a box I would be in that 4c, low porosity, medium length, thick hair with thin areas box. It's a very complex box that attempts to define everything but defines nothing.  This box leaves me with an unmanageable afro that seems stagnant in growth (notice that the word "seems" is in bold) with curls that don't seem to curl.
I love my hair but let's just say that after 3 years our relationship status on Facebook is listed as "It's complicated."
4c hair steamer

Soooooo I know at the beginning of my rehab from the creamy crack, I vowed never to be one of "those" naturals by buying every product on the shelf. I swore by shea butter, which I still do...I've just added a few things here and there. I incorporated the LOC method, maintaining only one liquid, one oil and (cough) creams to seal in the moisture. I was doing ok, just ok but then Chizi popped up on my youtube feed with the Q Redew hair steamer. The product seemed nice, but the price was not right for something that may not even work so I bought a different type of steamer.

I know, I know...I'm late to the party but I've arrived. Doesn't that count for something? Steamers are said to open pores, stimulate blood flow, aid in elasticity and provide penetrating moisture. So what, I bought a fabric steamer to steam my hair...I googled it...its a thing lol. I figured that if this hair steaming trial was a fail I would continue to use it for my Poshmark (shameless plug). I've only used the steamer to stretch my hair out to refresh then retwist and deep condition; so far so good. I cannot vouch for what I cannot see but I like the idea of steaming. If you choose to buy a fabric steamer I would simply suggest maintaining a distance from the nozzle. Holding the nozzle too close to the hair can provide too much heat and could possibly damage your tresses.

clothing steamer for hair


  1. I've met heard of this method. How exactly do you do it?

    Mich x

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