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Well, hello beautiful!
Its been quite some time since I've updated you regarding my natural hair journey. You would think that 2 years of rocking naturally kinky hair would deem me to be a pro, but I am far from that.

Within the last year I experienced breakage that prevented me from feeling comfortable with sharing my tips with anyone. I was unsure if this breakage/shedding was due to genetics, diet, hair products or poor regimen. Since I was unable to pin point the source, I decided to focus on the things that I had control over and thankfully I have seen some improvement.

Soooo...instead of sharing my tips, here I am sharing my updated hair routine.

1. Trim dead ends every two months to prevent breakage.
2. Only manipulate hair after applying moisture.
3. Do not attempt hairstyles when rushing;
4. Stop with the puff, too much tension can cause alopecia and breakage.
5. Use the LOC method every other day.
6.  Take advantage of protective styles, less manipulation 
7. Sleep on a silk pillowcase or use a hair tie to prevent excessive friction.
8. Massage the scalp to promote blood flow.

To aid in my natural hair journey, I have enlisted the help from the Shiny Leaf Brand. They have an anti hair loss line which seemed quite appealing. I took a shot and purchased the shampoo since I have yet to find that one holy grail product. So far, I have used it twice and haven't noticed any improvements yet. It is suggested that you use this product daily but found it to be similar to a clarifying shampoo which could be harsh if used too much.  I plan to use this biweekly and I will update this post with my results.

Do you have any holy grail hair products

Anti Hair loss

Shiny Leaf

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  1. I've been suffering from breakage and knots for a while now and I'm still learning how to deal with them, sigh. I think I'm going to do what you said and not put my hair in a puff all the time. It's like my go-to hairstyle. Thanks for sharing your tips. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Thanks for sharing - your hair looks gorgeous and very healthy!