Rainy Day Attire

Well hello beautiful people! 
All black during the summer? I know, I know.

The summer weather tends to motivate people to break out their colorful pieces and frolic around plush gardens wearing chiffon, lace, and open toe sandals. 

Are you one of these lovely individuals having fun in the sun? 
Well my friend,  I would like to encourage you to kick rocks with those open toe sandals. 


As some of you may know, Florida is infamously know for its rainy weather and thunderstorms during the latter summer months. The weather can be a tad bit gloomy but don't let that stop your shine; experience life. Switch those flops for boots and continue to dance in the rain.

On this lovely day, I choose to avoid the "wet t-shirt contest" look by opting for a darker sporty top. I continued the color scheme by wearing a high wasted pencil skirt and an army fatigue oversized jacket. This look could come off a little masculine so I choose to feminize it by pairing the look with simple hoops, gold knuckle rings, bubble gum pink nail polish and high heel boots.

Hoops: (Local Beauty Supply Store $1.00 for a pack of three)

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Peach Babe (Dollar Tree $1.00)
Rings: Middle two (Forever 21 $1.90) Outer three (H&M $1.80)

Bracelets: Only wearing 1/3rd of the stack (Wetseal $2.00)

Timberlands Inspired Boots (Target $13.80)

Shirt (Ross $6.99 )
Skirt (H&M Basics $4.95)
Jacket (Thrifted)

Camera: Canon T5....beautiful for taking photos of others, but not for selfies (hence the dark photos)!


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