Summer Essentials Collab with KeylishTV

I was recently contacted by KeylishTv, from Youtube, to do a summer essential collaboration video. I was quite excited to share some of my summer favorites with you all. Please check out her video and subscribe. She offers great information, quality videos, and honest product review. Thanks Keylish!

I have left some very quick summaries and photos of my summer essentials. If you would like to hear more information about why I love these products, please view my video as well. 

Have you beauties done a video or blog about your summer essentials? If so, please leave the links below. I would love to check them out. Much Love to you all! Nancy

 This scrub is the perfect exfoliant for me right now. The beads are not as big as those in the apricot scrub making it gentler yet still effective. It smells amazing and gives a cooling, soothing feel to the skin.
 Juice beauty offers this great moisturizer that is lightweight, oil free, but extremely moisturizing. 
Perfect under makeup.
 I've spoke about this product previously, and I still love it til this date. The setting spray is not the best at prolonging makeup, but it relieves that cake face effect. Also feels very refreshing.
 I've been loving white nail polish during the summer. I would not necessarily recommend the wet n wild brand because it is quite thin and the brush is floppy. It is a crisp white that works after multiple coats.
 The perfect nude combo. Maybelline color sensational
 This products is not longer available in this packaging, but if offered in a more colorful option. Very minty an chocolate  flavor, but not overbearing.
 I wear this over or under any lipstick to add a glossy shine and minty feel.
 This product simple feels like it soothes the skin after a long day of being in the sun thanks to the aloe gel. 
 This product leave curly hair feeling soft &manageable. Don't use too much though, it leaves a white residue.
 Masque can be pulled off which is not only fun but also removes impurities & leaves skin feeling brand new.
 A very light semi "grown up" fruity smell. Great for the summer!
 Provides a even skin tone, and distorts imperfections. 
 Taste like a creamsicle. Absolutely in LOVE!

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