Topstyler Review

I went to Ross recently and spotted this seemingly magical device. Since I have heard such great reviews from youtube, I decided that I would grab it myself and review it for my beauties; heck....it was  only $20. I live a fairly busy life and thought that I could easily apply these clips, and let the set while I applied my makeup every morning. So I tested one clip, and began to set up my recording area to being the tutorial. I removed the clip after about 30 minutes to reveal......STRAIGHT HAIR! Thats right, this "amazing product" left me curl-less! I was highly disappointed and tried various methods, various cooling times, and nothing seemed to work well! And the one curl that I did get, eventually, was only due to the application of Tressemme hairspray, not recommended by Topstyler, and a lack of hair. If I were to continue to curl the hair in that matter I would have needed more curlers and more time....defeated the purpose. 
So needless to say, there was no purpose in doing a tutorial on how to transform straight hair into....straight hair! Product has been returned, and will never be purchased again. Let me know if you had any similar experiences. What's your favorite curling device? 
My advice, save your money!

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