Dollar Tree Haul: Physican's Formula Organic wear/ Mineral Wear Blushes

 I was so excited today when I walked into my local Dollar Tree and found some additional Physican's Formula blushes. I picked up a few for my personal collection, and the remainder for a giveaway. I posted this small haul as soon as I got home; on instagram of course. (http://instagram.com/stylesbynancyu)

\After posting the photo, I swatched one of the blushes; Rosy Organics 2164/ pictured below and was highly disappointed. I understand that at the dollar tree the makeup can be a hit or miss, but this was a BIG MISS in my opinion. The packaging is unique, eco friendly and beautiful. The components seem to be of a natural orgin, but the pigmentation is terrible. I would not suggest purchasing this product, even for a dollar, unless you are very fair in complexion. The swatch did not show up whatsoever. I have three blushes remaining, I debating if I should give them away, or exchange them. Let me know if your interested.

 This mineral wear blush, pictured above, is much better than the organic blushes. The pigmentation is better, but the product is chalky. Also I would suggest not using the brush provided, the product does not come out evenly which is not the best for application.

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