Color Elixir™ by Color Sensational (WOC)

Color Elixir™ by Color Sensational

I feel like a broken record, but I must admit that I have been sleeping on Maybelline lip products. Now that I have awaken, I have no intention on neglecting them again. I started my love affair for their elixirs late November of last year, and since then have slowly been collecting all of this color sensational elixir line. The currently offer 20 shades, but I have seen them all in my local drugstores. I currently own 10 and will grab more as they become available.

These products are well worth the price and range from $6.49 to $8.99 (approx.)
 These colors are not the longest lasting, but they don't claim to do so. The elixirs also leave a stain which some prefer, but it not my favorite aspect of the product. What I do love though is that texture of the lip product, which is not thick yet not thin and greasy. It feels more like a creamy gloss but does not lack on color as most glosses. The packaging is so sleek and creative, shaped like a lipstick to further emphasis their lipstick like qualities. I enjoy the angora brush, but I would suggest using a lip brush to finish the out lips application, since the provided brush is a little large.  Enjoy the swatches below.

095 Blush Essence

075 Fuchsia Flourish

085 Hibiscus Haven

050 Caviar Couture

045 Amethyst Potion

055 Glistening Amber

040 Vision In Violet

020 Signature Scarlet

015 Mandarin Rapture

Check back for video swatches which should be available 03/16/14.

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