Oily skin solution: Winter Weather

Within the last week I have been finding myself shuffling through my makeup collection trying to find something that would solve my new problem. As some of you may know I am absolutely in love with the Covergirl 3-1 foundation; so much so that that the bottle is nearly empty. Although this product claims to have the benefits of a primer, foundation and concealer, I would still prime, and apply a powder to set (Loreal True Match) I found it interesting that within the past two weeks, my skin has been acting significantly different and this foundation was not helping my situation. 

I would describe my skin as a combination skin type; can be oily, large pores...etc. With the help of moisturizing and priming, I have learned how to keep my foundation in place throughout most of the work day, but this past work week was just disastrous. My skin felt like someone has placed Crisco all over me, and regardless of how much I blotted, the oil just would not cease. Nonetheless, the solution that has been helping through this awkward time is an oldie, but it works. The Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Finishing powder has help my face stay matte throughout the day. No blotting necessary! This was a product that many youtube guru's raved about years ago, so if you have it....try bringing it back out, its a great product. In addition, try using a moisturizer before bed, works wonders!

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