Maybelline Whisper Swatches

Maybelline Whisper

from left to right
55: One size fits Pearl
70: Faint for Fuchsia
20: Mocha Muse
50: Cherry on Top

So as you may see, some the only color that lacks pigmentation is #55; which could be used as a glossy chapstick. #20 is a great nude for my skin tone, it also has a hint of pink that makes it more wearable in my opinion. #70 is my favorite! Its the most pigmented and the color is between fuchsia and pink. #50, is my least favorite. It is defintely pigmented, but not enough for a red. 

The consistency is amazing, its a very moisturizing lip balm, but the color tends to spread unevenly after wearing it for a few minutes.

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