Inexpensive Vanity Setup: IKEA Micke

Happy Friday loves,

I had every intention on rolling out a few videos today, but as usually...life happens. Nonetheless, I spent my morning looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up my vanity so that my background would be more appealing to the eye. I was initially inspired my Nicole Guerriero's vanity and her random splashes if hot pink. She recently hauled some flower pots from IKEA, that I was itching to purchase, but instead I choose to recreate something more affordable. The pots were $4.99 each (yes I know, very affordable) but the plants(which I did not like) ranged starting around $7.99. So, two full plants and pots would have costed a minimum of $28.00 which is just to much for me considering that I'll probably change it again in a month.

Please check out this photo (below) of the Ikea plant pot.
So I took this image as inspiration and header to the Dollar Tree. This is what I came up with:

These two arrangements came to a total of of $6.00 (great steal). Next I headed over to Walmart to find a big candle, sense the Dollar Tree only sold small ones. I found a pink candle that smells like heaven. Check it out below.

Next thing I added were some small  roses that I found at USF's ceramic sale. They were $1.00 each and for a handmade item, that insanely cheap. I absolutely  love them.

The color of the rose was a great combination for my old jewelry stand. I took it out of storage, and placed some rings on it and here it is:

And of course, I needed to place my brushes back on the vanity, but the various colors were an eye sore, so I removed the odd color, and keep the white and neutrals....added some glass beads and here we are:

So I completed the top of my vanity, and then moved on to the top drawer of the Micke. 
Pretty organized if I could say so myself.

The other drawer are not organized to my liking. I will post photos when I find a solution for the remaining products. 

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