March 27, 2013

Good Afternoon everyone!

Been a few days since I last blogged. Hope everyone has been doing well.

Haven't posted many meals lately, because I have been eating the same thing...basically for a week which includes:Special K  Protein Plus for breakfast, Cabbage Soup for Lunch, and FuFu for dinner (A nigerian dish.)

Workouts have been pretty uneventful, consisting of FitnessBlender videos, squats, and situps for the most part. The Good news is that I'm nearly at my 20 lbs mark.....1.5lbs to go! At that point I will being to decrease the cardio, and increase the weight training for more toning.

Today's lunch was something different. I had the opportunity to eat at a vegan restaurant here in Tampa Florida, and the food was awesome. I had the Go-Green Burrito which was $5.95 and I only could finish half!  Check out there website if your interested.----->The Loving Hut
(Not sponsored btw, just sharing good healthy food)

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