March 14, 2013

Breakfast Smoothie Love:
Finally made my green smoothie today.
Didn't get a chance to "make it pretty" but it tastes amazing!!!

My secret... Keep it simple stupid!!! Too many different fruits/ veggies ruin you smoothie.

Simply interchange the usual apple with a pineapple section.

Add a banana for a smoother texture, two strawberries, a squirt of lemon for a hint of flavor.

And of course spinach loads of spinach, water, and ice!!!!

Lunch Quick Oats:
Have anyone ever tried these microwaveable oatmeal packs? They are awesome for on the go meals, just need hot water, it's ready in one minute. Low in calories, high in fiber.

Dinner: Whole Wheat Sub
Ate dinner really early today, so I didn't feel do bad loading up on the carbs as a last meal of the day. The bread was whole wheat which is a healthier choice. Check out the pics for ingredients.

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