Le Tote: Rented Fashion

Le Tote Review 2019

Hello beautiful people!

After being taunted by the junk email elves, I finally got the opportunity to try a LeTote box for free. That's right...I said for free! My patience for acquiring the best coupon code finally paid off with a free trial. I had aspirations of sharing a detailed day by day review of my experience but my procrastination would not allow me to be great. Thankfully, my iPhone notified me that I was out of space and....here I am...sharing my experience (and unloading, of course).

Making Statements with Slogan Sweatshirts

Woke teesHello beautiful people!!!!

I often find myself being critical of the things that I have yet to accomplished. I can, at times, overlook the hard work and dedication that has resulted in growth. This year, I am making a conscious choice to be more celebratory of the aspects that are "me."

My current 5 foundations: The quest for a perfect foundation

Drugstore Foundation

Prior to last year, I would have considered myself a drugstore girl. The prices were more attractive, to me, and the availability was vast. If I had a last minute makeup emergency, I could walk into a 24 hour Walgreens or CVS to solve the problem. Within the past few years, I’ve noticed an increase in pricing of drugstore makeup.