My Dexa body scan experience

Happy New Month! How is everyone doing with their goals and/or resolutions? I hope that we are crushing them all. One of my goals was to eat in a healthier manner. My goals were to simply turn down a French fry here and there and pick up a salad or two.  You know…balance is key!

Reversible Ankara Skirt

I LOVE Ankara print. The capitalization is purposefully placed to express my extreme enthusiasm to live and breathe this print whenever I can. I understand that I constantly share that patterns aren't always my jam but Ankara is somewhat neutral to me. I can't compare it to my other neutrals like animal prints and polka dots, due to the cultural richness, but I hope you can follow me.

Ankara Orange Skirt

ASOS HAUL 2019 Part 2

Hello beautiful people! I felt that it was necessary to post an update regarding my first ASOS experience. If you missed the initial post, please take a minute to check it out first....no worries, I'll be here when you return :-)

I made my initial purchase on 11/26/2018 and received notification that it would be delivered by 11/26/2018. Understanding that ASOS is based out of the UK, I was weary that the delivery estimation was incorrect.

PrettyLittleThing oversized waterfall belted coat in gray
PrettyLittleThing oversized waterfall belted coat in gray