Making Statements with Slogan Sweatshirts

Woke teesHello beautiful people!!!!

I often find myself being critical of the things that I have yet to accomplished. I can, at times, overlook the hard work and dedication that has resulted in growth. This year, I am making a conscious choice to be more celebratory of the aspects that are "me."

My current 5 foundations: The quest for a perfect foundation

Drugstore Foundation

Prior to last year, I would have considered myself a drugstore girl. The prices were more attractive, to me, and the availability was vast. If I had a last minute makeup emergency, I could walk into a 24 hour Walgreens or CVS to solve the problem. Within the past few years, I’ve noticed an increase in pricing of drugstore makeup.

My Dexa body scan experience

Happy New Month! How is everyone doing with their goals and/or resolutions? I hope that we are crushing them all. One of my goals was to eat in a healthier manner. My goals were to simply turn down a French fry here and there and pick up a salad or two.  You know…balance is key!