L'oreal Revitalift Review

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I tried out a new moisturizer that left me with some mixed thoughts; figured I'd share them with you. Influenster skipped out on the usual box of sample size products and sent out a full size anti-aging moisturizer.  I'm guessing they thought that I needed to be reminded that I'm not getting any younger #shade. Nonetheless, they challenged us to try this product and report on our experience.


This Triple Power Deep- Acting moisturizer basically claims to noticeably repair wrinkles, re-firm skin and replenish moisture in a minimum of 14 days of use (day and night). It is suggested that you refrain from using other skin care products and adding SPF if you are going outdoors.

I am now 2 1/2 weeks into trying this product and I have not noticed much change in the appearance of my skin. I agree that this product is quite moisturizing but I have not seen any re-firming or wrinkle repair. What I did notice; however, was a breakout but I cannot completely attribute that to the product as of yet...I will update this post if I experience another one. This product probably isn't the best for people with oily/ combination skin...you will need to blot after a few hours.

Would I buy this product myself? I'm not sure yet...my skin has not felt this hydrated in quite some time but I would prefer to spend my $25 on a moisturizer that contains SPF to prevent my hyper-pigmentation from getting darker.

L'oreal Revitalift Review