Hi Everyone! I'm back, for the moment and I'm excited to share another gem of the Tampa Bay area. So, right across the street from the Vintage Post, previous post, is another Vintage store with a quite different aesthetic. YesterDaze's is an eclectic Vintage Store that focuses on Vintage Clothing, accessories and antiques. Considering the season, this store would have some great options for costume parties. Taking into account my obsession with the sustainability and pre-owned clothes, this location has options that could fit my daily needs. I doubt that I could find an entire look but I'm certain that I could find the perfect statement piece to add to my basics or future capsule wardrobe.

I was in a hurry so I decided to focus my time on their accessories. They had so many unique pieces to sort throw ranging in price, definitely reflective of a vintage store instead of a thrift store. I settled on a shell bracelet and a button to add to my jean jacket. Check out the pictures:

Vintage Outfit

Smurf Button

Leopard Print trend 2018

Vintage Shoes
Zebra Platform Shoes

Vintage Flapper Dress

Exploring my City: Vintage Post

vintage clutch

I was recently introduced and then re-introduced to a restaurant that opened my eyes to the revamped Seminole Heights area of Tampa, Florida. 
(I'll need to take a few additional trips to Ichicoro to solidify my decision about the perfection that is their ramen)

Nonetheless, upon exiting the restaurant, I noticed this beautifully painted building; Vintage Post Marketplace.